Rollin Russell

Rev. Dr. Rollin O. Russell is a retired pastor and teacher, living in Asheville, NC. He holds graduate degrees from Vanderbilt University and has pastored churches in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Texas. He served as Conference Minister of the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ, leading congregations in North Carolina and Virginia, then served on the faculty of Lancaster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania.


Why doesn’t some moderately sane Republican politician tell Donald Trump and his suck-up acolytes in the White House and the Senate — in fact, why doesn’t anyone tell the media pundits — that no vote gets counted if it is… Read More »Registered


Donald Trump is the poster boy for the Seven Deadly Sins and he drags in his considerable wake all the hyper religious zealots who should know better, but wink and nod and go along.


America needs a President who is trustworthy and accountable. Unity will be elusive until that is the case.

Let’s Get Real

The Governor and Attorney General of Virginia have confessed to wearing black face as young men in the 1980’s and are now being pilloried for it.  They grew up in Virginia, went to Virginia schools, and though many Virginians and other Anglo Southerners have conveniently forgotten all about it, that behavior would not have been at all remarkable in their communities, schools or social circles at that time.

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