Lee Nackman

Lee R. Nackman is a retired computer scientist and executive. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has published academic papers, built software products, and co-authored a technical book. As an executive at IBM, Microsoft, and HP, he managed large (500-2000 people) global teams. He also led product development in a ten-person startup, and served as advisor and/or board member for several small companies. Politically, I lean liberal and have always voted Democratic. My business experience, however, has taught me about economic reality and what makes businesses succeed or not. My liberal instincts are tempered by understanding business, but I believe that everything is about making choices and little is black and white.

Tesla Model 3: 6,700 Miles In

Since my last post about my Tesla Model 3 experiences, I’ve driven it another 2,700 miles and have taken two long trips. Here are new things that I’ve learned.