Purpose of the Blog

I’ve had many interesting discussions with people on Facebook about politics, economic policy, technology and more. But that medium doesn’t foster thoughtful dialogue. I plan to use this blog to engage in deeper discussions with thoughtful people of many persuasions, hoping that through good dialogue with others, we can all gain deeper understanding of and more refined viewpoints on many topics.

About Me

Lee R. Nackman is a retired computer scientist and executive. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has published academic papers, built software products, and co-authored a technical book. As an executive at IBM, Microsoft, and HP, he managed large (500-2000 people) global teams. He also led product development in a ten-person startup, and served as advisor and/or board member for several small companies.

Politically, I lean liberal and have always voted Democratic. My business experience, however, has taught me about economic reality and what makes businesses succeed or not. My liberal instincts are tempered by understanding business, but I believe that everything is about making choices and little is black and white.

Guest Authors

Kathy Kaufman

Kathy Kaufman retired in late 2017 after 29 years as an air quality policy analyst at the US EPA, where she authored air pollution regulations under the federal Clean Air Act and coordinated economic analyses for major air quality regulatory actions. She was an early advocate on behalf of the employment potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency (i.e. “green jobs”); in 2010 she co-founded and began co-leading EPA’s Jobs Communication Team. 

Kathy is currently a local and state level activist on clean energy and climate policy, among other issues, and a cheerleader for a Green New Deal. She has a masters degree in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley.

Rev. Dr. Rollin O. Russell

Rev. Dr. Rollin O. Russell is a retired pastor and teacher, living in Asheville, NC.  He holds graduate degrees from Vanderbilt University and has pastored churches in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Texas.  He served as Conference Minister of the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ, leading congregations in North Carolina and Virginia, then served on the faculty of Lancaster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania.