Win-Win Democracy Newsletter

I’m sick of America’s rancorous win-lose politics. Everything is about one party winning and the other party losing. We need our representatives in government focused on winning for America not winning for their party and their donors.

To break the logjam and dysfunction, we need win-win policy ideas that allow multiple stakeholders to “win”. I’m starting a twice-monthly newsletter to explore this approach, published on the first and third Saturday mornings of each month. The first edition will appear on February 5th.

I invite you to subscribe (free).

3 thoughts on “Win-Win Democracy Newsletter”

  1. What does winning for America mean to you? Seems to me a there isn’t a lot of agreement on what winning for America means, and much of what gets classified as winning for the party and the donors is actually a disagreement on what is important for America and how to go about it. Maybe the first step could be not classifying policy disagreements as trying to win for the party and the donors. Very few of these policy disagreements are new and are now being reframed as being about for the party and donors, rather than just differing perspectives. Why do you think that is?

    Looking forward to see your perspective.

  2. Sounds interesting. It has to start somewhere. In the 70s my mother started a group called Open House for Action. The group met once every two weeks to write letters to various elected officials about local, state and national issues.

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