Why doesn’t some moderately sane Republican politician tell Donald Trump and his suck-up acolytes in the White House and the Senate — in fact, why doesn’t anyone tell the media pundits — that no vote gets counted if it is not from a registered voter?  

Every county in every state in the nation has a list of registered voters.  Every Board of Elections in every county in the nation follows the same process, though the procedures may differ.   No one gets to vote who is not registered.  No mail-in ballot is counted if it is not certified as being from a registered voter.  It does not matter how many ballots come in and from whom, only one from each registered voter is tallied.

The President makes the bogus claim, like so many of his others, that millions of fake ballots are being distributed and that will make it a rigged election.  This is just an attempt to suppress the vote and create an excuse for him to cry foul.  He will probably try to fire the FBI Director for testifying to Congress that there is no evidence of tampering with mail-in ballots.  It is not happening and it cannot happen in any way that affects the count.  Trump is the president, and though not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, he should know this.

While that moderately sane person is at it, she might remind everyone that states have until early December to tabulate the vote and certify the outcome before their electors gather on December 14.  No state should have any problem getting all the in-person and mail-in ballots counted in that time.  Good news, Florida: no hanging chads to screw up the election this time.

Registered voters will determine the outcome of this election.  Someone please tell the President the basic facts of “Elections 101.”  And, for heaven’s sake, let the talking heads tell us all.

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